We’re back!

Hit a little speedbump last week. In recovery mode and moving forward.

I saw the latest stuff on Sarah Palin. Did you know she tried to ban dozens of books from her little town’s library? Guess what? Not really true. She apparently did inquire about the possibility of dealing with “objectionable” books but from what I see there never was a list per se. So it seems the libs are getting just as willing to use the dirty whisper campaign, just not as adept as the neocons.They buried McCain in 2000. Now they’re pretending to be friends with one another. Creepy.

Something the Obama camp ought to be worried about: My wife likes Sarah Palin. She had her hair done “updo” a la Palin for her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary last weekend. Scary part is she kinda looked like her — a compliment to both. My wife is MOR, some lib some con, former soccer mom now piano and show choir mom, part-time retail/marketing mom. My take: Palin’s political views seem to be a good match for McCain, but is she qualified? Dan Quayle was more qualified. Mr. Potatoe Head was more qualified than this Hockey Mom from East Bum Pluck Alaska.


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