Strange Times are here

Apologies to the Black Keys for stealing their song title. Great show Saturday night at E.J. Thomas Hall, by the way.

Anyway, the stock market has finally started recovering from its yearlong swoon (we hope) after going through a near free-fall. The Dow is up 500 points today, but that’s still barely pushing it over 9,000.

Barack Obama is in Toledo today promising to save the middle class.

Whoa! He just proposed a penalty-free withdrawal from IRAs and 401(k) plans in 2008-2009!

I could use the cash, but I dunno if opening up everyone’s retirement money is such a good idea. You might be better off with bankruptcy protection.

And there’s the ubiquitous Frank Cezno (sp?) on CNN. I swear he was on NPR just a few minutes ago.

Meanwhile, John McCain is talking about the markets collapsing as the Dow climbs up 500 points. It’s an amusing juxtaposition.

Only three weeks of campaigning left. Thank God!