If things get any worse …

reaper300px-mortWell, I’ve run out of idle threats about what I’m gonna do if things get any worse. Is it time to pull a Sylvia Plath or Hunter S. Thompson? Don’t wanna go the Michael Hutchence route — too tabloid.

The news just keeps getting worse, economically speaking. Newspapers and media in general keep hemorrhaging money left and right, the auto industry and banks are suffering, layoffs by the thousands are being announced every day.

Yak! Even Microsoft is cutting jobs.

It’s gotten so bad even NPR folk are wringing their federally funded (with a big help from individual donors like you!) hands.   See for yourself

The job fairs – of dubious value for starters – are overrun with worried-looking job seekers and the booths are populated with apologetic people who say there might be an opening in the next nine months and feel free to visit and apply at the Web site, thanks.

But wait! There’s more! DOOM AND GLOOM HERE.


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