Not actual bathroom described in this post – for illustration purposes only. My mess was not quite this bad!

Nothing says “Good morning!” like a cold puddle on your bathroom floor on an otherwise promising Saturday morning.

But such has been the fate of your favorite blogger (modest too) – if it’s not the rear window one car blowing out it’s the hood cable freezing up on the other or the toilet leaking all over the bathroom floor. Lucky I caught it before it flooded the entire basement – this is what counts as a blessing these days!

To say I’ve had a run of bad luck is to say Hurricane Katrina was some storm or that that trip on the Titanic didn’t go so well or think, Gee, I wish I had sold my stock in (name your hopelessly devalued bank/insurer name here).

Sure, I could have made a different move here or there, but most of my misfortune has been the result of wrong place-wrong time or outright malice. I could name names, but that would  be counterproductive.

But back to the crapper. This is one of those unpleasant repair jobs that will make your head explode if you think about it too much. Better to shut off the water, go the Lowe-Home-Despot-Jumbo-Dew-It-Yer-Dang-Self store and get yerself the U-Fix-It Valvomatic repair kit and get to work. Three hours and a hellacious wet mess later (always check twice for leaks), you’re able to pee freely again. And what a relief that is …


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