Afghanistan hills

Well, it only took seven and a half years but we’re sending in more troops to deal with the Afghanistan situation.

Still boggles the mind to think this nation’s leaders wasted so many billions of dollars and thousands upon thousands of human lives in Iraq, leaving Afghanistan with inadequate forces to deal with the festering cesspool created by the Taliban and Al Qaida.

Try to imagine if instead of sending those troops to Iraq, the United States had sent maybe 100,000 of them to Afghanistan, sealed the borders – especially along the borders of our steadfast friends Pakistan – and killed off the Taliban and Al Qaida dead. Any of them left alive wouldn’t dare breathe a word about their old ways. They’d spend their remaining days hoping nobody ratted ’em out.

Let those cockroaches live in fear. If we must let them live at all.

I’m not normally one to advocate violent resolution to conflicts (See War: Iraq), but for them critters in Afghanistan I’ll make an exception.


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