This just in …

How about a bailout for mainstream media?

Once again, MSM have been pronounced dead, and this time the doctor is one of us.

To those of us who once made news our bread and butter, this is no surprise. To see McClatchy shares flirt with penny stock prices (I sold some shares of McClatchy’s predecessor, Knight Ridder, for $80 per share just a few years ago, and I got the tax bill to prove it – Just before it started to tank) is sad. True, the transaction led my demise as a Beacon Journal editor after 18 years with Knight Ridder, but it was merely a step toward the inevitable. So hate the process, remain deeply ambiguous toward McClatchy and its offspring/survivors.

But wait! There’s more!

I’ve told folks before, though I might not have committed it to etherprint:  As the so-called MSM – which at their best shine the light on bad actors – continue to wither on the media vine, something will have to replace them and cut through the noise of bloggers and shouting heads on CNN, Fox, etc. But first, we will have to travel through a wilderness of disinformation, lies and statistics (you pick the greater evil!).

The New Republic’s take follows:

BNet’s take:


2 thoughts on “This just in …

  1. How about the “Main Stream Media” going to Mexican Financiers (read-‘Drug Barons’) as did the New York Slimes when it borrowed $250million at 18% interest. 18% interest by God!! And the New York Slimes advertises itself as a savvy, smart, chic, knowledgeable newspaper?

  2. Carlos Slim’s bazillions come from TelMex, among other enterprises. And the cash infusion comes at a mere 14 percent, which is well within norms for credit card interest rates. Just think of the NYT — “the Slimes,” as you, llabesab, so even-handedly refer to the paper — as another Visa or MasterCard user getting close to maxing out one’s credit limit.
    Or you can continue to call them names. Which is just so grown-up.

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