Doom, gloom. Pictures at 11

Lately it seems all I’m posting about are the dying newspapers and seriously wounded TV stations and other so-called MSM dropping left and right. David Weir of BNET has more bad news to spread:

“The (American Society of Newspaper Editors) convention was supposed to be held from April 26-29 in Chicago.

“Every day brings further evidence of the impending demise of an entire industry, yet there are still many insiders living in denial. The main question for ASNE now is whether it will be to able reconvene next year, when there will be a dramatically smaller number of member papers still in operation, or whether its time is over.

“I’ll just go ahead and put it on the record. ASNE, as presently constituted is dead. To make a comeback, it will need to reconstitute as an online media society.”

For a few more rays of sunshine, click on this HAPPY THOUGHT.


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