Cramer vs. uhhh, Cramer

It was billed as an epic showdown, in Jon Stewart’s self-deprecating way, between the forces of Eeeeevillll, unfettered capitalist pig-dog greed and goodness and fart jokes: CNBC’s Jim Cramer made an appearance with “sworn enemy” Stewart on The Daily Show.

And to Jim Cramer’s credit, he took his castor oil, shifty eyes and grimaces included, on the air.

Stewart and Co. were unrelenting as they trotted out damning video after damning video, showing Cramer as the buffoonish TV persona on CNBC and in other segments in which Cramer the trading insider confides his trade secrets (astonishingly) on camera.

Cramer survived his little stroll through the stage-lit gantlet a tad worse for the wear and repentant, but he’s smart enough to know that he’ll get a nice bump in the ratings for his show, Mad Money (true confession: I just programmed my DVR to record today’s broadcast — a personal first), and thus make up for the piles of cash lost in the credit crisis and ensuing meltdown.

The funny thing is most of us knew the whole thing was couched in a wink and nudge (“Watch this, kids, it’ll be fun!”), although there might actually have been something worthwhile discovered in all of the satiric pageantry.

Cue violin and piano:  Maybe TV business talking heads can ask the tough questions and not accept the first set of lies they’re told on the air, and maybe TV comedians can rise above crass cynicism and offer a heartfelt lesson for us all.

See the war of words at their crescendo fever pitch:


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