Fun with Jimmy and John

160px-james_traficant225px-john-boehnerOhio seems to have a knack for producing colorful congressmen. James Traficant is wrapping up a stretch in federal prison after a career in Congress in which he was best-known for his “hairhat” toupee and a penchant for declaring on the floor after a lengthy speech, “Beam me up!” The Youngstown-area Democrat is due for release this year.

Also fun to watch is John Boehner (pronunciation guide: BAY-ner), a Republican from Southwest Ohio, Cincinnati-Dayton area. The House minority leader is renowned for his “Perma-tan” and well-controlled coif.

160px-dennis_kucinichWhat got me started on this kick was a report about Dennis “The Menace” Kucinich (also sporting a, um, unique hairstyle) suing his (apparently “former”) publisher because the publisher was, well, a deadbeat. His suit claims that the publisher’s failure to properly launch his autobiography, The Courage to Survive, damaged his 2008 presidential hopes. Between stifled snickers, FishBowlDC dutifully reported these allegations as filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and yours truly repeated (the reports, not the snickers) at

See more on this exciting scoop

Dan Aykroyd as Boehner in the officially sanctioned video link below:


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