The newest model from Detroit

Take the newest model out of Detroit for a test run next week. It’s a sleek, energy-efficient number that Detroit executives hope will save the industry – the newspaper industry, that is.  That’s a lot to lay on two newspapers in a town that’s already in a mighty economic struggle.

A former colleague of mine at the Beacon Journal, David Hertz, writes about the upcoming experiment in Detroit, in which both the Free Press and The Detroit News are going to stop home delivery of their respective papers Monday-Wednesday.

Rather than try to stick with the print-come-hell-or-high-water approach or abandoning print altogether, the Detroit papers will try to find success in a hybrid version of a leaner, more efficient print edition and an online publication.

Hertz directs us to a Poynter Institute interview with Freep publisher Dave Hunke, who lays out what he believes the jointly operating papers must achieve to stay alive.

They are among a growing group of publications seeking that magical formula of providing information and making a buck in the process. We’ll all be watching.


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