A posthumous missive

The late John Walter, former editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and a founding editor of USATODAY (They insist on all-caps), wrote a piece shortly  before his own death about the impending death of newspapers, blaming three particular folks who hastened the demise of the ol’ fish wrapper. It was published by Poynter with his widow’s permission

It could just as well have been the fault of an indifferent customer service representative who didn’t grovel sufficiently enough for the disgruntled subscribe who had just called for the fifth time this month to complain about having to fetch the paper out of the hedge in two feet of snow.

It could have been the sports columnist who had the audacity to opine that the local pro sport franchise needed a new coach, or worse, that the coach wasn’t the problem.

It could have been that what thumped on the front porch (for those of us lucky enough to have a front porch) at 6 this morning presented yesterday’s news and was soggy to boot.

I don’t know why, but whenever the State of Journalism becomes the question du jour, which is a lot these days, all eyes seem to turn to Poynter. As if it has the answers.


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