Don’t have a cow, man!


Doh! Not for use as actual postage stamps.

No, you can’t print these out and glue ’em to your envelope for postage – not legally, anyway. But an uncanny likeness to these cartoon renderings will indeed grace your friendly neighborhood post office soon to usher in the swell new 44 cent price on first-class postage.

Postal customers across this great land can send their favorite Simpson – Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa or Maggie (the angry Simpson!) – to, well, pretty much anywhere the mail goes.

The Postal Service broke with tradition by featuring living (well, currently still in production) figures in these stamps. As NPR and the Washington Post point out, dead poets (musicians, inventors, etc.) are more typical postage fare.

Meanwhile, in more typical Postal fashion, a current stamp features the Godfather of Goth: Edgar Allan Poe. Isn’t that special?


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