Squirrel news update

We have a recent sighting of  Henry the tailless squirrel. And, based on evidence available to us, Henry is able to successfully forage for sustenance in spite of his (her?) lack of a tail.


Scientists are unable to explain why this tailless squirrel doesn't simply tip over from the weight of the black walnut in its mouth.

Note in the photo above that a nearby squirrel with an intact tail seems to be jealously eyeing our hero Henry’s prize walnut. However, no taunting or aggression toward Henry was reported.

Which leads us to wonder if there is a rule of the Suburban Jungle: Let the tailless squirrel have its nut.


2 thoughts on “Squirrel news update

  1. The reason Henry can hold up the nut is simple. Old Henry has been seen bench pressing the neighborhood cats… strongest front legs in Akron. Probably the same reason that the other squirrel left him alone.

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