Lien on me

Up to now we’ve resisted the urge to jump in on the mayoral recall going on here in Polymer City, but now that the petitions are in and being verified and the recall’s chief proponent keeps stepping in “it,” this seems like the perfect time.

Yup, Warner Mendenhall is out to get the mayor, Don Plusquellic. Accusations of mismanagement of city funds, malfeasance, etc. Junkets to Florida for undeserving city employees. Up till now, Mayor Don has been the Teflon Don. But this recall episode reportedly has the mayor nervous.

Plusquellic has made his share of enemies. Hard not to do after decades in politics. Mendenhall is one of them. But before you go after a political opponent complaining of fiscal irresponsibility, you’d best not have a six-figure federal income tax lien lurking.


My former colleagues at the Beacon Journal today reported such liens against Mendenhall, who dismisses the liens as nothing to do with the campaign to remove the mayor. What’s that bit about living in glass houses? Seems odd that someone accusing a public official of not staying on top of financial issues isn’t on top of his own financial issues. A hundred and sixty-nine thousand is a lot of clams.

Meanwhile, the Beacon Journal is alternately accused of being Mendenhall’s toady or Plusquellic’s apologist. It is neither. The Beacon’s interest is that of spectator and storyteller. Some might say it’s just a crass ploy to sell more newspapers and thus revels in carnage. That just seems so, well, avaricious.


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