Time to skewer some Shabab

The Obama administration is pondering its next move with certain Somali baddies. This time the Obamas are setting sights on apparent terrorist training camps run by a bunch of Boy Scouts known as al-Shabab, which U.S. officials worry will hook up with al-Qaida and target us.

200px-black_hawk_down_ver1This would not be an on-the-ground operation, which had disastrous  results in Somalia in the ’90s (see Black Hawk Down), but a remote airstrike, which presents problems of its own.

NPR reports that deep thinkers are worried that hitting al-Shabab camps might win sympathy for the terror group, which is not very popular in Somalia at the moment. That could change as word gets out that piracy just got a lot riskier as a career choice for Somalis.

Al-Shabab means “The Youth” in Arabic, which is how they bill themselves: fine young killers.

Says NPR:  “The members are young and portray themselves as a kind of jihadi hip. The recruiters who try to convince new soldiers to come into the fold look like young men who have just barely entered their teens, and the group’s recruitment videos are filled with hip-hop music.”

The recruiting tools, including videos produced in English, have had some success attracting young Somali-Americans to join al-Shabab. Which causes even more consternation among U.S. officials: Bombing American teenagers from Minneapolis is nobody’s idea of good PR.


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