Stamp of disapproval


Like this PT Cruiser, Chrysler has seen better days. Will Chrysler be written off as a total loss? Stay tuned.

With the plans announced to close the Chrysler stamping plant, some folks in Twinsburg are experiencing deja vu all over again, as the immortal Yogi Berra would say. A little over a decade ago Twinsburgers took a hit when Revco was swallowed up by CVS, the ubiquitous drugstore chain whose stores you see situated on opposite corners from Walgreens at every other city block.

And now another major employer is leaving.

To save Chrysler, the deep thinkers said, we have to kill a few thousand jobs. That makes the Twinsburg plant S.O.L. Twinsburg, situated in northern Summit County roughly midway between Akron and Cleveland, is no stranger to adversity (insert Cleveland joke here.) It’s a pleasant middle class kinda town, not as hoity-toity as Hudson, but a good place to raise a family, yada yada. This won’t kill Twinsburg, but it hurts.

The sequence of events running up to this seems almost comical. Chrysler in deep doo-doo (again), Fiat comes to the rescue in deal brokered in part by Obama administration; deal falls into doubt; deal comes back; unions make consessions to save plants including Twinsburg (as if they had a choice: deal or we close everything) and folks say it comes with a sense of  “relief”; deal takes shape; oh, by the way, looks like Twinsburg plant is doomed.

Meanwhile, our hero, Fiat, is planning to take Opel off GM’s hands and parlay its newfound strength into global domination. That’s the plan, anyway.


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