Hot Apple Twitters, anyone?

They’re fresh out of the deep-fryer, kids!

appletwitThe daily rumors of Who Will Buy Twitter have turned, for now, to Apple. Google and Facebook have been among other would-be suitors for Twitter, one of the darlings of the social media glitterati despite its penchant for hemorrhaging  cash faster than you can say securitized debt obligation.

You can bet Apple won’t get anywhere past hello with Twitter unless Steve Jobs and company think they can make a buck off this thing (See: iTunes).

Blog maven Kara Swisher says ’tain’t so, so it must be it ain’t.

Now I like to whisper Tweet nothings as much as the next guy, but I’m not betting the farm on Twitter’s blockbuster success, or even survival. Besides, the farm is already mortgaged to the hilt and cash flow ain’t so great right now.


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