Shut down the Daily Planet???

250px-titanoplanetEver wonder why newspapers were the safe bastions of superheroes’ alter egos? Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter at The Daily Planet. Peter Parker, impoverished freelance photog (that’s no exaggeration!) at the Daily Bugle. Journalistas by day (clearly they are not copy editors), crime-fighting superheroes the rest of the time. What about now? Clark Kent, blogger? Peter Parker, wedding photographer? (I confess to not keeping current with these comic book heroes – this storyline might already have passed).

The Daily Planet making mention here is a clumsy play on the Boston Globe, the latest paper to suddenly find itself on the endangered broadsheet list.

Talk of shutting down the Boston Globe if certain concessions aren’t met has rattled a few folks in New England. The New York Times Co., owner of the Globe since 1993, was viewed as something of a knight in shining armor at the time of the buyout. That’s when newspapers still made money by the fistful and this Internet Thing was in its infancy (Yes, I remember AOL in 1993 – or was it ’94?).

The media world has changed dramatically since then, of course. Internet use (and its usefulness) has grown exponentially since then, as witnessed by the proliferation of blogs such as this humble effort. One could dispute the usefulness of this blog, but let’s not. Newspapers, magazines and other “old media,” even relatively young cable TV, are struggling to stay solvent as their slices of the media pie shrink and users expect free content and every schlub with a keyboard is now a “journalist.” Hey, at least I have a degree in journalism from an accredited university and two decades of real journalism experience. Not that I’m bitter!


Is his Spidey Sense tingling?


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