Reports of Onion’s death are slightly exaggerated

Word that the celebrated fake newspaper, The Onion, was on its last legs was slightly off-target, as CEO Steve Hannah said to staffers in a memo.

onion.onnSome bloggers (but not here! We’re far too smart for that) were fueling speculation that the Onion was about to cease its print editions and join the Post-Intelligencer in cybernetic existential suspension. (If it comes out of my inkjet, is it real?)

Not so, said an indignant Hannah in Ad Age.

“The stuff is speculative, stupid, inaccurate, sourced by people who know next to nothing about our company and can’t pick up a telephone to call, irresponsible and more than a little mischievous,” he wrote. “Other than that, it’s Pulitzer-quality reporting.”

Readers, meanwhile, expressed shock and dismay to learn that some of the news in The Onion has been, well, made up.

See this recent dispatch from the Peabody-winning ONN.


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