Tortured context

I don’t know if you had a chance to see the he said (Barack Obama)/he said (Dick Cheney) media-fed free-for-all regarding “extreme” interrogation techniques, aka waterboarding, walling or “other” vays of gettink eenformation. Clearly, Dick doesn’t believe waterboarding is torture, or if he does he isn’t about to admit it to anyone.

And at one point, Cheney trotted out the old chestnut of Saddam Hussein’s “known” association with al-Qaida. What, no Yellow Cake?

Funny seeing Dick Cheney in public more in the last five months than in the previous eight years, or so it seems.

It’s even funnier to hear someone politicizing national security complaining that his counterparts are politicizing national security. What in the name of Freedom Fries is going on here?

Coming up tonight: Shouting Heads go noggin-to-noggin over who was righter or wronger, because I’m louder and more obtuse.


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