Total recall

Akron mayor recall update:  Warner Mendenhall, the catalyst of the Recall Mayor Don Plusquellic initiative, says he won’t run for mayor if the recall is successful. He admitted to the Akron Beacon Journal‘s Stephanie Warsmith that basically he’s not worthy: He needs to clean up his $169,000 tax lien before ”I represent anybody in a public capacity.” Yes, the man in the glass house is casting stones.

The walls of the John S. Knight room at the Beacon are plastered with images of the legendary publisher and founder of the now defunct Knight (later Knight Ridder) newspaper company and numerous quotes. There he is with captains of industry. There he is with a president (Nixon or Johnson? My memory is playing tricks on me). And there’s a quote, which I will try to re-create here: “I don’t care who runs Akron, so long as somebody runs it.” Something to that effect.

Knight wasn’t so interested in being a kingmaker or king breaker (although he certainly was!) as he was in getting things done. Mendenhall, on the other hand, is hell-bent on destroying King Don.

Plusquellic is not perfect. He’s temperamental, a bit mercurial, he holds grudges and he has a long list of enemies (Mendenhall included, of course).

But he gets things done. And among his peers on the national stage and local arena (Cuyahoga Falls Mayor for Life Don Robart being a glaring exception – surprise, surprise), Plusquellic is Grade A Plus-quellic.

So if King Don is forced to abdicate, who will take the throne? Nature abhors a vacuum, so some poor sap would get sucked into the void. But there’s no guarantee that King Don’s successor would be any better and there’s a good chance he/she would struggle in that role.

Like him or not, King Don’s shoes would probably be uncomfortably loose on someone else’s feet.


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