fiat (n)  [L– let it be done] 1 a decree; order 2 a sanction; authorization 3 any arbitrary order

Fiat (n) Italian automaker known for making smallish cars; new owner of Chrysler, formerly one of U.S. Big Three automakers.


Yaknow, if you squint they kinda look like my PT Cruiser ...

Yup, it’s over but for the gnashing of teeth and lessons in Italian courtesy of Rosetta Stone. Dealerships will close. Chrysler plants will close. Some may reopen. Jobs will be lost. Jobs will be saved. Careers ruined. Careers launched.

Chrysler, the 97-pound weakling about the Big Three of Detroit, has made its last gasp as a free-standing company after 30 years of bailouts, revivals, mergers (Daimler? Are you kidding me?), spinoffs to holding companies, and now this.

Once again, the future has arrived before we knew it.


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