Have passport, will travel

My brand-spanking new passport arrived today. I am somebody!

Yes, this is very exciting. I can now be reasonably assured that I’ll not be stranded next month when I visit the exotic Pelee Island in what my smart-alecky son calls “Canadia.”

Hey, play the NPR correspondent game: Add a vowel to the front of your first name, then adopt the smallest foreign city you’ve been to as your last name. Behold, I am Adave Pelee.  I think I’ll plant that name in some marketing datebase  and see where this “name” washes up. “Congratulations, Adave Pelee, you’ve just won a million dollars!”

This passport of course also clears the way for yours truly to become a bona fide globetrotter (as opposed to a Harlem Globetrotter – anybody who came to see me play basketball would demand a refund, and they’d deserve it!). I won’t need this to visit my old haunts in South Carolina, although at times it can seem like a foreign land.


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