Fare thee well, Ed


Heeeeeere's ED!

Ed McMahon, perhaps television history’s greatest second fiddle, has shuffled off to the great soundstage in the sky. All those dead TV guys could put on a heckuva shoe up thar. McMahon last made the news by nearly losing his home to foreclosure last year as the real estate/mortgage/credit crisis went ballistic. (If all this is news to you, you might want to reconsider your news consumption habits.)

This is no longer breaking news, but I think he rates a mention. I’m gonna miss the big guy. We’ll still have commemorative DVDs of the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (the first fiddle) and fond memories of him schlepping the ol’ Publishers Sweepstakes thing.

“Look! It’s Ed McMahon! Quick! Hide before they try to sell us magazine subscriptions!”

He had plenty of other gigs along the way. For proof, hit the link above to the Washington Post. No doubt there are plenty of other credible and worthy news sources such as CNN, Associated Press, etc. You won’t get it from Knight Ridder anymore, but you could from its successor, McClatchy.


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