Trick of the light?

Maybe it was my imagination or maybe it was something else, but in the early morning light, right before and just during the dawning of the new day, I could see stuff on the eastern horizon from Pelee Island that usually isn’t visible. I’ll post a photo I shot between 5:30 and 6 a.m. on July 4, 2009, that clearly shows silhouettes or shapes of buildings far, far to the east. I couldn’t tell you if it’s Lorain or Cleveland (??).  I think it’s east of Vermillion.  Pelee is situated at roughly 41 degrees north, parallel to extreme northern California, according to Wikipedia. A look at a few maps seems to confirm that. Anyway, there are buildings that are clearly visible in that early morning light that you cannot see the rest of the day. It could be refraction of light in the early morning sun, it could be shadows cast by the structures, it could be reflections in the water. It could be combinations of all of those things and more. But see for yourself.


But click on the photo and view it at full size. It may take a little bit to load, depending on your bandwidth and computer speed, but check out the buildings on the horizon, particularly on the right side. Recognize anything?

Here’s a tighter crop of the same photo:



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