Invader from outer space???

What manner of freakish creature is this emerging to wreak havoc upon us?


Well, it’s only a cicada, sometimes incorrectly referred to as a locust. This particular bug was spotted on my garage, just emerging in its adult form, big ol’ bug eyes and all!

Cicadas are the musicians of the summer, wooing members of the opposite sex with their alluring love songs. This particular cicada is probably not of the 17-year variety, which tend to emerge every – yes, you guessed it – 17 years in certain regions and emit an eerie hum that is unmistakable. Others live on different cycles – consult your local entomologist for more details about cicadas and other six-legged critters. The more common annual variety make kind of a buzzing noise that the ladies find irresistible (they must, or the species would last long, would it?).


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