Pushing pills and dollar bills

Well, the old medical-pharmaceutical-insurance industrial complex is fighting like, um, heck to preserve its golden geese: us. It likes us to be just sick enough to need their goodies, not too sick to earn a living/cash the Social Security check.

pills And to prove how much they love us, they’re spending millions of dollars in Washington to make sure the health care reform bill (your metaphorical pig) now clogging the digestive tract of your metaphorical legislative snake keeps things pretty much the way they are. Which is great for medical-pharmaceutical-insurance industrial complex. Not so great for must of us. But hey, we helped make ’em rich and they’re exercising their self-awarded right to continue enriching themselves.

And now that the bill is stalled in the Senate, I’m worried that the lobbyists and lawmakers will not play nice while the president isn’t there to supervise them.

We need health care reform. The existing system only works in spite of itself, when it works. Too often it fails, or it operates horribly inefficiently. Ask any doctor or hospital administrator. We’d all be better off if doctors were allowed to practice medicine as they saw fit, rather than adhere to protocols that exist to appease insurers, know-nothing bureaucrats and trial lawyers


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