Even a blind pig gets an ACORN now and then

Ding-dong! ACORN calling!

Ding-dong! ACORN calling!

A guy posing as a pimp with his, um, employee got himself and a video camera into an ACORN office and produced a rather incriminating bit of video evidence against the politically polarizing group.  As Jon Stewart so poetically said, Ruh-Roh! Once again, “real” journalists have been scooped by an enterprising faux journalist pimped out in a fur coat and some really swell sunglasses.

CNN was all over it today, and you can bet Fox got all fair and balanced and then some.

Some ACORN apologists are claiming the video was taken out of context. But, um, well, that’s some pretty fancy out of context we’re talking about.

As I might have said in my youth: Busted.

ACORN has been a favorite target of the Right for a while, and the folks caught on video in three ACORN offices seem to have handed the ACORN haters plenty of ammo.

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