BlakRoc generating some buzz

I admit to some bias here. I’ve watched these guys for the better half of this decade and I’ve known Black Keys drummer Pat Carney’s dad, Jim, for even longer. Cool doesn’t begin to describe these cats (Ooh! Jazzspeak!), but I worried that they might find themselves marginalized as just “blues” guys.

Worry no more. Dan Auerback and Carney have been busy expanding their horizons with all kinds of side projects, and it looks like they have struck gold with this project, Due in stores on “Black Friday,” Nov. 27:

And then check this out:

Of course, there is plenty more at YouTube. Check it out.

Instead of continuing to fragment and marginalize music genres, The Black Keys and their hip-hop collaborators (RZA, Mos Def, Jim Jones, Raekwon, Nikki Wray and Q-Tip are among rappers on the ticket) are reversing that trend. Check out the NPR story.


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