Is anyone really surprised?

The New York Times, the old paper that right-wingers love to hate, says the company formerly known as Blackwater planned to bribe Iraqi officials to quell their criticism of Blackwater’s killing of Iraqi civilians.


Blackwater's handiwork in Iraq

I for one am shocked – shocked! – to learn that an upstanding company like Blackwater would do such a thing. Shocked, I tell you.

Now rebranded as Xe Services, Blackwater is finally facing the consequences of its reckless actions of the past, which it conducted with impunity for years.

The Blackwaters and Halliburtons (Dick Cheney’s company) of the world were the darlings of the Bush administration, providing “support” to the troops and occasionally serving as mercenaries who didn’t feel the need to observe annoying regulations or laws that soldiers and Marines were compelled to follow. Badges?!? We don’t need no steenkeengk badges!

Somebody is going to end up in prison over this, I’m pretty sure. I just hope it’s right guys who get there. You guys know who you are. And now, so do readers of the New York Times.

No doubt Blackwater served a valid need when it was founded in 1998 by former Navy Seals. Seals are a unique bunch. For an idea of how so, check out Richard Marcinko’s Rogue Warrior. (Great read, by the way.)