The King says No, thanks

He soars with the greatest of ease!

No doubt NBA All-Star hoops fans are disappointed that his royal LeBronness won’t be playing in the slam-dunk games this year. LeBron had teased NBA fans (not to mention officials hoping for a ratings bump his star power would bring) by hinting he might join the fun.

But no.

Reports Justice B. Hill in Real Clear Sports:
LeBron has enough ready-for-prime-time dunks to fill two weeks of SportsCenter, which is the reason people waited and wished and hoped and prayed he would enter the contest this year.

Now, it’s wait till next year. Maybe then, King James will enter and breathe life into the morbid Slam Dunk Contest, making the event the must-watch spectacle it used to be. His entry might draw Kobe back or Dwight Howard back or bring ‘Melo Anthony or Kevin Durant or O.J. Mayo or Michael Beasley into the event.
But by then the bigger story will probably be, Will He Stay or Will He Go?

Disclosure: I’ve known Justice Hill for 20-plus years.

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