Bye-bye Big Boy

Fare thee well, little big man ...

Alack and alas, our friendly neighborhood Big Boy family-style restaurant is gone. Shuttered. No more.

Been there once, maybe twice. Victim of weak economy, I suppose. Corporate spokespeeps said it was “underperforming.”

Kind of like my PT Cruiser was underperforming.

But instead of hauling it off to the scrap heap (not sure it qualified for cash-for-clunkers anyway), I coughed up $$$$ to get it – the PT Cruiser, not the Big Boy, do I look like I’m made of money? – back up to speed. Yeah, $750 is a fair amount of dough, but assuming it lasts another three months that’s still cheaper than car payments.

So, yeah, I’m a bit disappointed to see the Big Boy go away. Not devastated, mind you. Just disappointed. Where will I go for a Big Boy burger and greasy fries now? What’s that? You say there’s a McDonald’s just across the street?

Oh, so there is.

Big Boy has a certain nostalgia associated with it, I suppose. It harks back to the days of polished steel and Formica countertops, having a burger with Grandma, waiting what seemed like forever for that burger to arrive while coloring some inane placemat designs with crayons. I had a high school girlfriend who waited tables at that same Frische’s Big Boy  (this flashback only just now returning as I reminisce about other Big Boy experiences).

Maybe if Big Boy had followed the lead of Ernie’s Family Style Restaurant as featured in The Onion, it would still be going strong. Maybe.

Those bibs, those checkers, that leer

And here’s another, slightly creepy throwback to Big Boy, from the archives of the Akron Beacon Journal, my former employer, if I can dig it up … but no, the ABJ has squirreled it away deep within the crevices (or would that be crevasses?) of its archives. Time to nudge my former co-colleagues at the ABJ to find that gem. Anyway, it had a photo of a storage room or warehouse full of Big Boy statues. All those Big Boys, leering at you, knowing what you’re eating.  Creepy.

And who could forget, unless you haven’t seen it, an homage of sorts to Big Boy in the sci-fi classic The Terminator. There’s Sarah Connor doing her best impression of my old girlfriend (again, Holy Flashback, Batman! Not that they looked alike, but jeez), just before the cybernetic artificial organism tries to erase our pre-Beauty and the Beast heroine. And from before Linda Hamilton developed biceps that could crush coconuts. Awesome!

A few random observations.

A blog entry I posted nearly nine months ago suddenly generated a whopping nine views today. Why? See for yourself here.


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