Air America! &;#% No!

Ah, well, it was fun while it lasted.

RIP, little yapper

Lefty lovers are bereft today of their favorite whacko uncle, Air America. The unabashedly liberal talk radio network had barely escaped toddler age when its owner pulled the plug yesterday. No more Rachel Maddow (well there still is MSNBC). No more Al Franken (oops, there still is CSPAN). No more Randi Rhodes. Ummm, well, she was a little over the top. No more Lionel, Lino Lino. No more the rest of those guys.

Thank God for iPod, cuz if I had to listen to gawdawful FM radio or the Rush/Beck/PickYourLoonie echo chamber all day I’d fling myself off the local Suicide Bridge.


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