Well, ya gotta hand it to Steve Jobs. The guy knows how to trump up a production.

Thousands of Tweeters and MyFaceSpaceBookers reacted to the big announcement made as Saint Steve descended from Mount Cupertino with the much-awaited iPad.

Amid the oohs and aahs  (and underwhelming applause) arose the question: So how much does the thing cost?

Ah, you say, how can I be so critical of the hype when I myself blogovate about it? Hey, I didn’t say it didn’t work!

In fact, take a look at this Apple vid to get a better idea of this thing’s capabilities.

Of course, not everyone is smitten by the iHype. Philip Zannini, for one is skeptical. He calls it the iDoody. But hasn’t seen the swell Apple video!


One funny Tweet from Tim Magaw  (retweeted by Colin Morris) “The reason Apple is releasing a tablet is because @THE_REAL_SHAQ‘s fingers are too big for the iPhone.”

And the Apple Event tested the server capacity of a few sites.

Howard Weaver:  “Cover It Live died. Twittered faltered. What else did Steve Jobs crash?”

Sarah Lane http://onion.com/bVZa8N via @TheOnion – Frantic Steve Jobs Stays Up All Night Designing Apple Tablet

“his device is really called the iPaid” — Tweak589 at engagdet.com

iSnob — cartoonist extraordinaire Nick Anderson to Washington Post reporter

Sounds like a mini diaper for old people — David Savka on Facebook
Muddy at egadget:  “Can Apple not see past the iSomething naming convention? It’s naming for morons.”
on Twitter also reTweeted by Colin Morris: “the 64G iPad is called the Max iPad.”

And THIS JUST IN:    iPad starts at $499.

Loaded: $829. Is that thing turbo charged?

But wait! there’s more! Here from NPR’s very own Monkey See blog by Glen Weldon:

“I haven’t been following the hype, and even I’ve read speculation that The New Flatness will save, in no particular order: Book publishing, newspapers, magazines, music, textbooks, games and the music industry. Also: The Whales, the Children, the Tiger, The Cheerleader/World, Energy, Ferris, and The Last Dance for Me.”

There’s an app for that.


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