Shake it, Shakira

Well. Seems the NBA is not the least bit concerned about any “wardrobe malfunction.” Not that there was any such mishap at the NBA All-Star halftime show. But it most definitely was a lot more daring than the safe halftime shows of the Super Bowl, post-Janet Jackson.

Definitely not Up With People

I guess it’s fair to say Grandma wasn’t glued to the tube for the NBA All-Star game. It just doesn’t have the same draw that the Super Bowl has, so the NBA no doubt feels comfortable presenting something a little spicier. So we get to see Shakira shake, shake, shake it. (Good thing my wife wasn’t watching. Good thing she has no interest in this blog!)

And maybe because it’s on cable as opposed to The Tiffany Network, the NBA All-Star halftime show felt a little less under the FCC’s Eagle Eye.

I wonder if anyone else thought, “Gee, you’d never see that at the Super Bowl halftime.”

I’m as big a fan of The Who as the next guy – probably more, actually – but let’s face it, lately we’ve been catching a lot of Super Bowl performers who are a bit past their prime.

Well, thank God they’re not bringing back Up With People. They’re not, are they? The most insipid act ever inflicted on a public audience before or after Teletubbies?

But the Super Bowl still has the edge on commercials.


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