Them Crooked Vultures

Dave Grohl seems to have a knack for catching lightning in a bottle. He pounded the drums behind Kurt Cobaine in Nirvana in the early ’90s, moved out front with the Foo Fighters for more than a decade, and now he’s back behind the drum kit with Them Crooked Vultures.

Dave Grohl: Renaissance Man

Just as you’d never mistake Nirvana for Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures is a completely different sound. You could probably thank Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and John Paul Jones (Ahem, THAT John Paul Jones, of Led Zepp) for the unique combination of old school – what is this, Deep Purple?? – and countless influences among three guys who collectively have in the neighborhood of 75 years of rockin’ experience between them.

That’s a lotta groupies!

Them Crooked Vultures have been caught up in something of a whirlwind since coming into being in early 2009. Late to the game as usual, I heard TCV a couple of months ago and just happened to catch last night’s Austin City Limits.

It was great stuff, and I had the advantage of being familiar with most of the work since their show featured almost entirely the material from their debut album (do they even call them albums any more??). From the way Josh talked, this concert was taped before the album was released.

I see on the home site folks praising TCV as the saviors of rock. Careful where you go with that. I remember Rolling Stone gushing about bands like At the Drive-In in similar terms. That didn’t last long.

But it’s a great project, and a side project seems to be what it will remain at least for now. Grohl was interviewed in Time magazine in December, and the focus was the Foo Fighters.

Grohl told Time magazine in December: “I love being a drummer. Everyone thinks you’re dumb. What they don’t realize is that if it weren’t for you, their band would suck.”

Also in that interview, Grohl said he learned to play drums from listening to Led Zeppelin. Hmmmm. (Imagine this conversation. Grohl: Gee, Mr. Jones, what was it like to play with Bonzo? Jones: Just play the drums, dammit).

Tunes to check out: Mind Eraser, No Chaser; Nobody Loves Me and Neither Do I; Interlude with Ludes; Caligulove. Well, hell, I pretty much like the whole CD.

Is this Heavy Metal?


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