Henry redux

Henry suns himself on March 11.

And now for your squirrel-watching pleasure, an update on Henry the tailless squirrel.
Henry has survived the snowiest February on record here in Northeast Ohio. In fact, the tough little rodent seems to be doing pretty well.

You might be able to spot what appears to be a fuzzy stump growing out of Henry’s rear end. Yup, it’s a fuzzy little stump. I’ll look for a photo from a coupla months ago for a better look …

Ah, here we go.

Henry in January

Henry in harder times

Faithful followers of the Tale of Henry the Tailless Squirrel might remember that we discovered him (by “discovered,” I mean “saw” the squirrel one day hopping around our yard) about a year ago and wondered, “I wonder how long this guy’s gonna last.” Empirical data suggest that he will survive at least one year without a tail.

And our fastidiously maintained records confirm that, indeed, we discovered Henry a little less than a year ago.

This might strike you as a silly endeavor. After all, the troubles of one tail-deprived squirrel won’t amount to a hill of beans, but …

You’re right, it’s just stupid. Nevermind.

Henry in the spring of ’09.

From the AkronDave archives, April 2009.


3 thoughts on “Henry redux

  1. I love the squirrel. Jim just let me know about it. I love squirrels. I miss my “furry friends” in Ohio. The squirrels here in Atlanta are not so nice. Not so cute. LOL

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