March Madness enablers

Yes, the NCAA is conspiring to help you loaf at work.

Not only is the NCAA working with CBS and a bevy of sponsors with deep pockets to give us access to live streaming video of the NCAA basketball tournament, they’re helping work on a cover …

See that “BOSS BUTTON” in the upper right portion of the image above? Click on that and here’s what you get:

This flow chart brought to you by Scott Adams, the evil genius behind "Dilbert."

Yes, it’s a suspiciously fake-looking flow chart accompanied by a “Dilbert” cartoon featuring the ever-enterprising Wally proposing a new dimension in laziness.

Where can you find such a magical place?

I’ll tell you:

Best of all, it’s perfectly legal and copyright-approved, yada-yada, as long as your boss doesn’t catch you watching Gonzaga when you’re supposed to be crunching second-quarter forecasts.


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