You know, Obama’s plan to increase offshore drilling really doesn’t need pub like this:

I'll bring marshmallows, you bring chocolate and graham crackers

The Coast Guard wants to ignite the oil slick produced by that deadly rig sinking, presumably because a black cloud of oily smoke is less damaging than a sea of gunk washing ashore on the Gulf Coast.

I’m not the expert on which ecological disaster is worse – it’s kind of like choosing between firing squad and hanging. Safe to say neither outcome is going to be pretty.

Which brings us back to the notion of offshore drilling.

Thar be oil in them thar continental shelves. Yup, been there a long time. And when I heard the Obameister saying it was time to seriously look again at offshore drilling, I thought well, maybe technology and new safety measures have been improved to the point that major oil spills (not to mention a dozen or more people dying) are a thing of the past. Maybe all the hand-wringing about protecting our fragile coastal ecosystem was unwarranted. We have the technology!

Then again, maybe not.

Energy crisis solved

The oil has been there a long time. It will be there 200 years from now (provided we haven’t already tapped it). Maybe that money could be better spent developing other energy sources. Like, say, burning all the fat produced by liposuction clinics. Did you see all that goo in Fight Club??

We are a nation of fatties. Time to harness that natural resource. Maybe that’s what the aerobics instructor meant by Feel the burn!


Fool’s full moon

Took this pic just a couple of minutes before midnight — so it was still officially April 1, but just barely.

Ever dance with the devil under the pale moonlight?

Not all that glimmers is fooled.

This photo was not doctored in any way — the sleep source store sign underneath the cloud-obscured moon is just dumb luck. If you look closely you can see the outline of the building in the pale moonlight.