Lucky for us, not as big a story as it might have been

I don’t even want to imagine the carnage that might have resulted if that car bomb had exploded at Times Square. My wife and daughter were there less than a year ago as part of a class trip (yes, my 11-year-old daughter gets around more than I do – what’s up with that?).

Hurt Locker at Times Square

Authorities have a Pakistani immigrant in custody, and they report he has “implicated” himself in this crime. They seem to be hinting that he acted more or less alone, not as part of a Taliban or al-Qaida plot. That could be a ruse. Who knows?

But the bomb didn’t detonate. Instead of 200-point bold type on the front page and nonstop interruption on TV, it amounted to slightly elevated “news of the day.”

This is good.

Big News is rarely good news. It’s usually stuff like 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina or war(s) in Iraq.

Those  events, plus Hurricane Hugo in my backyard (literally), were among the biggest days in my now-dead newspaper career. There were other big days, of course, presidential elections and so forth, but these traumatic events are the ones that stand out.

I watched The Hurt Locker the other day. Pretty harrowing stuff: defusing bombs and taking in sniper fire in Iraq. That white suit pictured above might remind you of some scenes from the movie. Of course no suit will protect you from a bomb that big. Anyway, I don’t think that is a bomb suit. I’m no CSI expert, but I’m guessing that’s a “clean” suit to prevent crime scene contamination.

I imagine the lady who sold that Pathfinder to our suspect is not having a good day today. Or yesterday.

Is it just me, or does Craig’s List seem to be a magnet for trouble? That’s reportedly how the Pathfinder was sold. Apparently it’s now the preferred medium for advertising “escort” services. Not that I would know anything about that!


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