Wish I’d thought of that

Things I wish I had thought of (and acted upon) first:

• “Sh!# My Dad Says.” Guy’s a failed scriptwriter, moves in with mom and dad, strikes gold when he starts Tweeting “Sh!t My Dad Says,” and now Shatner – you know, James Tiberius Kirk, Hooker, Denny Crane – is playing the dad in the TV show this fall.

TeleSmack. Oh, wait that IS mine! Must be off to patent office …

Flashlight Worthy Books. It’s a website (now lowercase one word per new AP Stylebook) that recommends books it deems “flashlight worthy” — as in staying up past bedtime to read. This next bit is a shameless plug, but Google doesn’t seem to care:  FLWBooks just hit 100,000 Twitter followers this weekend. Help celebrate by checking out some of its book recommendations.

eHow.com. How to do stuff. Fix things. So easy, a caveman can do it — oh, heh-heh, I think that one’s taken.


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