Pelee Pix

I’m still discovering (or rediscovering) stuff on Pelee Island. Some of this was right under my nose all along, just waiting for me to look off the dusty road a bit. Other stuff required at least a little effort.

Here are a few of my faves:

Here I am lost in thought as the Stone Man looms

The Stone Man (and his rocky offspring) are a recent addition to the island’s quirky visual treats. Pete Letkeman (who happens to be the deputy mayor of Pelee) envisioned this rock sculpture, and the Pelee schoolkids cleverly called it Stone Man.

Little Stone Man

The Shoe Tree

The Shoe Tree sprouts all manner of footwear.

Cedar Point as seen from the Pelee Islander

Mom makes friends easily!

Dogs are regular travelers on the Pelee Islander.

A fan of the island

"Stone Age" map of Ohio

Near the tip of Fish Point, the (almost) southernmost part of Canada

Mom ("Grammy") on Fish Point

The weathered remains of the Vin Villa

The Vin Villa as it once looked

Even paradise needs a dump

The elusive Pelee Junkyard Cat

Some of these graves are a little worse for the wear

The McCormicks made Pelee Island their permanent home. Really permanent.

The M.V. Jiimaan, youthful ward of the Pelee Island ferry fleet


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