LeBron Madness nears its crescendo

And I thought the hype was ridiculous before LeBron was drafted.

ESPN has an hourlong special scheduled for Thursday, and at the end his Royal LeBronness will announce his decision. This has led wags to speculate what the first 59 and a half minutes will show.

There have been rallies, and more rallies, conferences, etc., as visitors from New York, Chicago, Miami and other places come to King James’ Court to try to entice the King to seek greener pastures in a place other than Northeast Ohio. They kiss his ring and promise to upgrade it to an NBA Championship ring. They promise more ridiculous riches.

The ubiquitous Nike logo seems to have become still more omnipresent, if that’s possible.

Sportswriters have taken to calling the hype stupid, the fans idiots.

We are all Witless.

But in the end, I’m just like everyone else – getting sucked in by the hype.

Please, LeBron. Stay!


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