Gots them can’t take-it-no-more JetBlue blues


Folk hero or contrived stab at fame?

So the angry flight attendant needed a diaper change.

How does the angry outburst of one disgruntled worker captivate a national audience? Must be a slow news day. Slow news week. CNN is all over it. ABC news is all over it. The bloggers are all a-gaga over it. He has a hundred thousand Facebook fans.

And here I am, being the media lemming.

Is this going to touch off a new social phenomenon of angry workplace outbursts? Are hundreds of Steven Slater copycats waiting for their moment to erupt?

This whole thing could have taken an entirely different tack: The passenger was violating FAA regulations. She assaulted the flight attendant (allegedly), whacking him with a bag over the head. He could have pressed charges. The airline could have pressed charges. It would result in vindication for the overstressed, abused attendant and make an example of obnoxious, abusive passengers. Be nice. Or else.

But no. He goes ballistic, snatches a coupla brewskies and jumps off the escape slide.

I suppose we’ve all had moments when you want to unload on some knucklehead who seems to exist solely to inflict misery. What stops us from acting out? A sense of decorum? Valuing the job more than the opportunity to bloody a nose? Fear of incarceration?

So was Mr. Slater simply waiting for a moment to stake his claim to fame, or was this a spontaneous event?

An anger management “expert” went on CNN to say she suspected this was a premeditated act, that the flight attendant was simply seeking publicity. The newest iteration of balloon boy.

Click here for vid with musical accompaniment by Johnny Paycheck.

Another viral “I quit” story appears to be a hoax perpetrated primarily for our entertainment. And thanks for adding HPOA to everyday conversation.

The story goes about an overworked and abused employee produces a series of white board messages that “Jenny” forwards to co-workers, culminating with “exposing” her boss as a Farmville-playing slacker who referred to her as a HPOA (you’re on your own if you need a translation).

I don’t know that I’d want Slater’s sort of notoriety.

“Jenny,” on the other hand, is pretty funny. It seems more like a skit than a rage against an uncaring employer and obnoxious customers. (And, it’s becoming clear now, it was indeed made up.)

Anyway, Hollywood Reporter speculates that Slater’s 15 minutes of fame are about up.



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