(Still more) Pelee Island fun

PELEE ISLAND, ONTARIO, Aug. 22 – Eric’s car battery died again. He noticed that the dome light would spontaneously light after after it had gone dark. A dome light will kill a battery for sure (I have blogged on other media about this very phenomenon before, although calling it a “phenomenon” is probably placing far greater significance on leaving a light on than it deserves). I digress.

The battery was almost dead beyond revival on Friday. It finally jumped, but by Saturday morning it was dead again, or at least too weak to crank the starter. You have to expect these kinds of things with a 20-year-old Cavalier (the Chevolet Cavalier, not the recently shunned-by-LeBron Cleveland Cavaliers – dang, I promised not to write anymore about that! Dang!).

I digress again.

Pelee's Purple Passion shortly after sunrise.

Meanwhile, the rain continued unabated till nearly sundown Saturday. We all crashed by 10 (living la vida loca!), except Matt, who found a book by James Patterson (Swim Suit) far more entertaining than his lame assigned book for school.

By 5 a.m. I could see stars (once I got some glasses on).

Tori, the girl staying next door with her mom and grandparents, was at our door by 8:30 a.m.

Here comes the sun?

DeAnne and I took a walk on the beach, drinking in the aroma of sun-baked fish and the clouds returning to block the sun once again. But not before we saw a textbook Pelee sunrise.  Having had my fill of zebra mussel shells crunching and poking at the bottom of my feet, I returned to the “Pelee Shrimp Shack,” as I have unofficially dubbed it, while DeAnne continued her hunt for the perfect shell.

Although we had talked of one last swim before leaving today, Lindsey pronounced it too cold for swimming, which means it really is too damn cold for swimming.

Matt, Lindsey and Natalie stay relatively dry this time.

Natalie disagreed, mainly because a motivated 4-year-old will ignore the icebergs and jump right in, shouting, “Come on in, the water’s fine!”

Meanwhile, a butterfly recently emerged from its chrysalis airs out its wings. Any entomologists out there who can identify this species? I see blue, black and hints of red/orange.

Inside, meanwhile, Lindsey has grown weary of the younger girls’ nonstop game of hide-and-seek; they have long-ago exhausted the supply of hiding places in the house.

The neighbors lent Eric a battery charger for insurance, and a few minutes after noon were heading for our rendez-vous with the Pelee Islander and a decidedly less-bouncy return to the mainland.

Natalie and Lindsey on return voyage aboard the M.V. Pelee Islander


2 thoughts on “(Still more) Pelee Island fun

  1. Addendum: Eric reports that the battery was fine once he disconnected the dome light that had begun spontaneously re-lighting several minutes after the car was shut off.

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