Close call for Henry, the squirrel with no tail (and no moose)

Yup, ol’ Henry almost bought the farm today. I was stepping out to pick up junior from soccer practice (except that he had a game, but that’s another story) when I saw a commotion in the neighbor’s yard. A large bird of prey, I guess it was a hawk but I didn’t get a good look at it except it had a huge wingspan – 4 feet, I bet – took off, startled by my clanking door. It might have been an owl – a really big owl – but it probably was a hawk. Doubt it was an eagle – not a whole lot of those in these parts.

Anyway, there was Henry, wedged into a crotch of the tree and squawking like crazy.

I’ve seen Henry fairly often of late, but haven’t snapped a pic of the amputee squirrel since March, apparently. Doesn’t matter, he looks pretty much the same. See for yourself. See last report on Henry.

Henry in less-frightening times.

The Magic Google machine tells us that squirrels in the wild (more or less) live between three and five years, except the ones who don’t have sense to stay off the roads in traffic. I’ve been seeing our tailless friend for about a year and a half. So at this point we could probably call him (or her) Henry the tailless squirrel who’s lucky to be alive.


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