Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving in Columbus. With subtitles.

We made the cousins promise to sit still for 10 seconds. From left: Matt Wilson, Scott Siegle, Jack Wilson (standing), Lindsey Wilson, Morgan Wilson, Natalie Horstman, Logan Siegle. Only cousin missing: Griffin Dotson.

Ten seconds is up!

Fun and games and post-feast carnage.

Realizing he'd been caught on camera, Al-Bobbo made a mental note to hunt down the photographer before the image went public and Interpol got wind of his whereabouts.

Ever the bargain-hunter, Aunt Cece plots her Christmas shopping itinerary.

The name of the game is Euchre!!

Grammy bravely faces the post-feast cleanup.

Three amigos.

Three Amigos II

The Evil Eye.

The men gather in the safety of the Mole Hole. With football.

Morgan loves the camera and the camera loves Morgan!

Nat-Nat in search of a snack.

Planning a pajama party?

Scooter patrols the grounds for stray crumbs.

Uncle John tries to blend in with the scenery.

Brenda survives her First Encounter with the Weasel Clan.

These pix are easy to download: Right click (or double-click), save file, print.  If you’d like the full-size photo (5 Mb-plus), email fallsguy(at) with request and I’ll email full-size jpg.


Henry IV

Henry compensates for his lack of a tail with this stylish gray coat, which goes well with reds and rustic bark tones.

Many of you (well, approximately three of you) know the story of Henry the Squirrel with No Tail. I am here to report that Henry is alive and well, fattening up for the winter. The portrait above of Our Favorite Squirrel was taken today as fallen leaves swirled around in unseasonably warm November breezes, which means it’ll probably snow tomorrow. This is Northeast Ohio, after all.

At this point, if our various wikis and squirrel expert websites are to be trusted, Henry has apparently beaten the odds in terms of squirrel survival. I first spotted Henry in early 2009. I have no way of knowing how old he was at that point, but he was (I guess) fully grown already and had learned to hop around without the balancing aid of a tail.

Most squirrels reportedly don’t make it past one year, largely because of their inability to avoid automobiles. Their little squirrel brains seem to get confused at the sight of an object 2,000 times their weight bearing down on them.

Faithful readers of this blog, whether by choice or not, recall a recent post in which Henry very nearly went to Squirrel Heaven (house band: Squirrel Nut Zippers, natch) when a rather large raptor (the bird, not the dinosaur played with great effect in the Jurassic Park movies) nearly snatched him out of the yard next door.

I think Henry learned his lesson: Trust no one. Complacency will get you dead. He seemed a tad more wary toward this camera-toting fool today than in previous visits. Maybe it was the clicking sound the shutter/mirror makes as it snaps the photo, which is not terribly unlike a gun being cocked. Anyway, Henry Lives!

Henry returns to the scene of the crime where he nearly became lunch.

Guess where we are!

Did you think perhaps old Europe? Guess again.


Central Park?




Peter Lewis Building, Weatherhead School of Management. Case Western Reserve University, University Circle, Cleveland.

These photos were taken on or in the immediate area of the  Case Western Reserve University campus.

No mistake.

I shoulda used some flash fill for the flags. Dang


If Prop 19 passes …

So I have to wonder, what if California voters legalize recreational use of marijuana? Will it spread across the nation as its greatest detractors fear and greatest supporters hope?

The funny thing is, this movement against prohibition of weed comes amid a tidal wave of public sentiment (and city and state ordinances) against smoking cigarettes.

Does anyone else think that’s odd? Maybe a tad hypocritical? Cannabis smoke is OK, but tobacco smoke is not?

For the record, I don’t smoke either product (anymore), and let’s just leave it at that.

Marijuana does have legitimate medical use: It helps AIDS patients and cancer patients on chemotherapy regain appetites, which can literally save their lives. It helps glaucoma patients. It certainly helps the snack food industry.

But what about long-term medical effects? Some health advocates claim that the THC (the so-called active ingredient in pot) chemically alters the human body permanently. Color me skeptical. I could be wrong. But, just as with smoking tobacco, inhaling burned leaves and buds (and if you’re unlucky, stems and seeds) must have some detrimental effect on your health: Will we see a marijuana-related spike of lung cancer and emphysema cases?

Will marijuana bars pop up across the countryside? Will there be a new marijuana tourism industry sprouting up in California as long as it’s the only state with legalized dope? And how much could a “joint” joint clear in a year, after taxes?

Will we be able to stroll to the neighborhood drugstore for a couple of nice machine-rolled fatties? Will there be brand wars and local faves, a la beer, wine or tequila? Legendary Meigs County sensimilla! Maui Waui! Will Anheuser Busch sue to preserve its Bud brand? So many questions …

The bottom line is, I don’t know if this is such a good idea. On one side, the criminalization of pot use seems to be  a huge waste of police, court and jail facilities. And imagine how much tax money California will rake in. On the other hand, I doubt that what America needs right now is another means of wasting money and killing productivity even if it is legal.

Damn, I must be getting old. Or something.