Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving in Columbus. With subtitles.

We made the cousins promise to sit still for 10 seconds. From left: Matt Wilson, Scott Siegle, Jack Wilson (standing), Lindsey Wilson, Morgan Wilson, Natalie Horstman, Logan Siegle. Only cousin missing: Griffin Dotson.

Ten seconds is up!

Fun and games and post-feast carnage.

Realizing he'd been caught on camera, Al-Bobbo made a mental note to hunt down the photographer before the image went public and Interpol got wind of his whereabouts.

Ever the bargain-hunter, Aunt Cece plots her Christmas shopping itinerary.

The name of the game is Euchre!!

Grammy bravely faces the post-feast cleanup.

Three amigos.

Three Amigos II

The Evil Eye.

The men gather in the safety of the Mole Hole. With football.

Morgan loves the camera and the camera loves Morgan!

Nat-Nat in search of a snack.

Planning a pajama party?

Scooter patrols the grounds for stray crumbs.

Uncle John tries to blend in with the scenery.

Brenda survives her First Encounter with the Weasel Clan.

These pix are easy to download: Right click (or double-click), save file, print.  If you’d like the full-size photo (5 Mb-plus), email fallsguy(at) with request and I’ll email full-size jpg.


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