Everybody makes mistakes

Yeah, everybody makes mistakes, but this one is pretty embarrassing, considering all the resources available to make sure you get a simple map correct. Clearly, this map is a little off “balance.”

Note that the top map places Egypt smack in between Iran and Syria. Which is fine, except that’s not Egypt. That’s Iraq. Egypt is the squarish hunk of land to the west (left, for the directionally impaired) of Saudi Arabia and separated by a body of water. Oh, and Egypt is ON ANOTHER CONTINENT.

Yeah, the general area is referred to the Mideast, but the Saudi Peninsula – including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan and tiny Lebanon and Israel– is part of Asia.

Egypt is part of Africa.

The maps situated below more accurately reflect the current situation.

The map below shows how Europe, Asia and Africa kind of converge, making clear distinctions (like, say, an ocean between them) a little tricky. I mean, is Turkey really Asian or European? It’s kind of a ‘tweener.

And Fox could be forgiven the mix-up with the maps if none of these states had been in the news much lately. Except that Iraq has been splattered across the world repeatedly for the last 20 years. Two weeks ago was the 20th anniversary of “Desert Storm.” Still can’t tell Iraq from Egypt? Really?


And more details below, such as the famed Newfoundland and Labrador regions.


Ha-ha-ha! I’m just messing with you. That’s Idaho.


2 thoughts on “Everybody makes mistakes

  1. To be fair and balanced, a Facebooker points out that the Fox News graphic is a couple of years old. Bummer about this age of the Internet: Your screw-ups never go away.

  2. There was a day within my lifetime when the neighborhood that includes Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, etc. was called the Near East, a term you never hear or see anymore. Back then, India and Pakistan were the Middle East, and China and Japan were the Far East.
    Why was Near East banished? Who knows?
    Why did Constantinople get the works?

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