Water works

This is actually a mile or so away from the Water Works park and water treatment facility in Cuyahoga Falls, and even further as the river winds, but this view is a fairly new development along the Cuyahoga River, a park that was opened in 2009 after nearly a century of being hidden behind an industrial facade. It’s a long-unseen (mostly) part of why Cuyahoga Falls came to be known as, um, Cuyahoga Falls. At the top of the photo (click on it to view in full screen) you can see the underpinnings of the Sheraton Suites

This is a fine example of how water has a way of finding its way around or through just about anything. In this case it finds its way through fissures in bedrock before it seeps out into open air and freezes. The blue tint is naturally occurring. It’s the result of the ice (water) absorbing red and yellow light, making the blueish end of the light spectrum more visible. It’s pretty much the same reason deep ocean water is blue. Visit this site to learn more.

This ice formation might actually look bluer when viewed in person. Click on the photo to get a closer look.

There’s another sign nearby that explains the history of this part of the river and surrounding land. This is on Front Street in Cuyahoga Falls just a little South of the Sheraton Suites (which you can clearly see in the uncropped version of the top photo, which is not shown here to create an illusion of untamed wilderness).


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